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Each year the Comedy Hub vote to recognise the best that Palmerston North comedy has to offer. Here are the nominees for 2018 (winners in Bold):

Best Female:
Amberly Caldwell
Maggie Malone
Stephanie Hedges

Best Male:
Ben "Tito" Caldwell
Dylan Stewart
Morgan Hunter-Bell
Nathan Cross
Zac McCall

Best Newcomer:
Jade Moses
Maggie Malone
Morgan Hunter-Bell
Sian Howarth
Zac McCall


Most Improved:
Chris Ingham
Matthew Willey
Morgan Hunter-Bell
Zac McCall


Best Out-Of-Towner:
Alexander Sparrow
Dan Brader
Katie Boyle (Pat Goldsack)
Nathan Jo-Bry


Golden Gag (aka Best Joke):
Astarte - Birth Canal (https://youtu.be/SoRLcFpOeDE)
Enko - "I want a dick so big, my heart has to make a decision"
Matthew Willey - 'Palmy Palmy 'tis for Thee' poem
Morgan Hunter-Bell (Graham Reaper) - Insomniacs (https://youtu.be/Nn1_d9xJJ5Y)
Nick Grimwood - Women play smart roles, men get paid better

2018 Comedy Hub Award Winners (Left to Right):

  • Katie Boyle (on behalf of Alexander Sparrow)

  • Morgan Hunter-Bell

  • Some hands (on behalf of Ben "Tito" Caldwell)

  • Dylan Stewart

  • Matthew Willey

  • Maggie Malone