Palmy's comedy scene continues to grow rapidly, with new performers coming through the Fresh & Funny Open Mic or Parbaked LOLs. Find out more about some of these performers by clicking on their profiles below:

Abby McKee
Abby McKee is an accounting major and local amateur actor. She is a lady in the streets and a freak in the spreadsheets. She has decided to try stand-up for the first time after her friends told her to go for it because life is short and what's the worst that could happen?
Ana Harkin
Ana is a skinny biarch, who is bloody Australian. Some may say that to be funny one must carry some weight, and change their accent, however she does pack a punch.
An Aged Polymath, Astarte has yet to find her 'one true calling'. She's done a bit of quite a lot of stuff and is enjoying sharpening her funny bone with the Comedy Hub. It's a very blunt bone as yet but you can laugh at her while she whittles herself into a black hole.
Chris Ingham
Chris is a columnist for The Spinoff. You may recognise him also from Jono and Ben's NZ's Funniest Dad competition, where he finished with a bronze medal. Well, came third, there was no medal. Just a dozen beers and a couple of pies.

He is a father of three, husband of one, and all round virtue signalling warrior for social justice He has a more in depth knowledge of the Wiggles than he'd care to admit, and can recite Planes: Fire and Rescue from memory, yet somehow has only seen Frozen once.
Doreen Van Dam
Meet Doreen Van Dam! Or Doors to her mates. A party girl, happy to be stuck in the 80's with no intention of growing up. Her tongue is sharp, not so much her mind.
Dylan Stewart
Dylan once won "Top Comedian of the universe" in an award ceremony he made up while stuck in traffic one day. He also won "greatest lover of all time" that night, however that award was withdrawn when his wife wrote a letter to the judges.

After recently moving from Auckland to Palmerston North he brings a unique outlook on life, love, marriage and fatherhood with him and makes this "award winning" (we use that term loosely and only on his insistence) comedian a must see!
Elaine Reily
A pathological optimist, Elaine always believes it will be alright on the night and that it will take her 3 minutes to get here, there and everywhere. Which can be a challenge when she's heading back to visit her native Scotland.

Elaine is funny. Well quite funny. Occasionally. From time to time, Elaine has been known to be funny and she hopes that this qualifies her as a comedian. Did I mention she's an optimist?
Enko Byambajav comes from a small country called Mongolia. Before he arrived in New Zealand, he used to work as a copywriter for a telecommunications company back home. He has always been fascinated by the wonders of stand-up comedy. It’s story-telling at its simplest yet, most entertaining. Also, it’s a great way to find out if your weird thoughts make sense to others.
Jade Moses
Jade Moses, the best looking fat gap tooth Maori you’ll ever see! Back after 12 years in Aussie, he’s come back with a mission to settle all treaty settlements one laugh at a time.
Jono Smith
Jono Smith, An Aussie been in the land of the long white cloud over 15 years. Went to the University of LIFE. My goal in life is to put a smile on your dial. Hope to see you on a journey of laughs and fun.
Justin Ngai
Justin is both blessed and cursed by his overwhelming beauty. He has legions of fangirls and fanboys alike, constantly knocking on the front door of his imagination.

He often asks Aphrodite 'why he was chosen to be the vessel of these good looks' — he never asked to be beautiful. If only they would leave him alone to play video games in peace.
Kajun Brooking
Raised on the gang infested streets of Hastings, Kajun moved to Castlecliff Wanganui in search of a better life. Kajun spends plenty of time on the toilet where he creates all types of material and comic relief. As a stand up comedian his mission is to make at least one person laugh. If he can do that, his job is done and he can finally prove to his 14 year old daughter that Dad is actually funny.
Kels is an early 30's, half cast and half dead. So doing really well in life. He is very opinionated... a bit of an asshole. But a good asshole, you know? He has decided to give up the world of corporate to peruse his passions, Poker and Comedy. Will he succeed? Probably not, so lets all watch him fail together.
Lianne Karaitiana
Kia ora. My name is Lianne. I'm of Ngati Kahungunu descent. I'm 60, married twice and have 5 kids including two sets of twins. I am Nanny to 11 mokopuna. I am an employment specialist, have worked for years as a bouncer and have a passion for stand up comedy. My other aim is to learn the drums so move over Cadbury Gorilla, Lianne's on her way.
Maggie Malone
After 20 years in NZ and having grown two kids to adulthood, Maggie hit a significant birthday last year, had a rush of blood to her head and decided to give stand-up comedy a go.

She’s been told she’s funny but that could mean so many things! A natural story-teller, she welcomes you on a gentle journey exploring the more hilarious, slightly odd moments of life.
Mama Z
Mama Z (that's "Mama Zed", as in "Mama said") is 65% Miss Piggy, 15% Hotlips Houlihan and 23% mathematically disabled.

Despite such a humble personality, she’s often wondered why she wasn’t discovered sooner; after all, she’s highly skilled at extreme yoga and has patented a cure for diarrhoea. (For the past 39 years, she’s bent over backwards to make you like her and nobody has given a crap.)
Matthew Willey
Matthew Willey is pretty old. He was born like ages and ages ago and comes from Yorkshire. Yorkshire is a small republic beset on all sides by the tyranny of the English. He moved to New Zealand to escape parochialism and small mindedness. Matthew is just starting out on his comedy journey. After years of being funny in order to spoil things for everyone, Matthew has decided to see if he has to he cojonas to stand up and be funny when it counts.
Mike Osborne
Mike's friends have to suffer him being late for everything. For the general public that turned out to be a good thing as he arrived rather late to stand up comedy.

Now that he's doing it after years of hankering to get up there, he wonders if he should have just settled for a life of bitterness and regret.

You can find him ranting about matters serious and trivial on a soapbox on Sunday mornings in
Memorial Square at the Carterton Farmers Market during the summer months.
Morgan Hunter-Bell
It finally happened: Morgan Hunter-Bell ran out of excuses not to become a comedian. Originally from Wanganui and now living in Palmerston North, Morgan likes to be funny every now and then - no more, no less. He is best known for his experimental podcast "The Off-Mic Show", and as an award-winning Roster Coordinator.
Nathan Cross
A keen observationalist, who's able to hold up a mirror to Kiwi society and make us laugh at ourselves, Nathan has plans to make this country better, and they revolve around him gaining his residency!

So help him get it by coming to see him at a show and laugh!
Renee Rose
Renee Rose Grenville is new to stand-up, but not new to the stage. She made her 2019 acting debut in the break-out role of 'Breville the Toaster’. When not on stage, Renee is a model citizen... Or just a model (at least). She was going to write something funny here, but I guess she’s saving the jokes for the show.

“...loud...” - Manawatu Standard
Richie was born with a guitar in one hand and a Māori strum in the other. More familiar with guitar parties in garages, than with comedy, the standing ovation he recieved for his rendition of "c is for cookie" gave him his first taste for the stage.
His comedy is set against the three bar chords of life, and draws on his own experiences as someone who generally says yes to everything and his talked his way out of more situations than you've had hot dinners.
Richard Dryden
Richard is basically the poster child for how not to make a human... Nothing works, has his mothers kidney, His arm is his tongue, complete with the hair and he cannot see, much.

But what doesn't kill you, makes you laugh, right? Guess you'll have to come and have a squizz at a life lived and experienced!
Sam Hall
Sam Hall hails from Wales, and grew up in Palmy. Now he runs a monthly open mic "Laugh Lounge @ The Willow", and often takes to the stage himself, tackling some hard topics.
Having started comedy back in 2008, Tito was a regular on the Wellington comedy circuit before he upped sticks and head for the bright lights of Feilding.

In the space of three years, he went from a university slacker to a married father of five children. Drawing from his life experiences and unique family dynamic, Tito has plenty of entertaining stories and observations to share that have had audiences up and down the country in stitches.

2013 NZ Comedy Fest 'Spirit of the Festival' winner.
Tommy Whitehouse
Tommy Whitehouse is an expatriate from Trump's America who fled to New Zealand to escape North Korean nuclear missiles. He enjoys running, cooking and drinking too much, but not enough for it to be a full-blown problem.
Tracey Adams
A young wannabe graduate, so she can work to pay off her loan, Tracey is one of our new victims to grace the stage. Feeling as if she can only rant to her mother so many times, she decided that stand up comedy would be a good place to share her 'life' experiences. Whether it's sharing her stories on her social awkwardness, how to really pump petrol or her life pulling tits (cows that is), she really knows how to make you laugh!
Tyrin Edwards
Tyrin's a father and an ex soldier in the New Zealand Army from Palmy, now in the river city. Still young and handsome but you wouldn't think that looking at him though, with his beard and mullet combo that was cool in the 80's. Luckily he has jokes and stories that will make you laugh and take the attention away from his face.
Teanau Tuiono
Part-time assassin, reluctant bogan, full-time Dad. Teanau is currently doing hard time in Palmerston North for crimes against fashion. Will moonwalk for cash.
Zac McCall
With a No Holds Barred approach, Zac McCall shares stories of his experiences and life lessons... well only life lessons. And a few dodgy accents... Learn not what to do from one of the best.
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